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H&H Industries Invests in Continuum OTR Molds

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H&H Industries Continuum

H&H Industries has acquired 18 OTR tire molds that had been used as part of the Continuum brand, which the company said was discontinued in 2020.

H&H Industries says the molds are of various tread designs cable of retreading tire sizes from 24 inches up to 35/65-33 and 27.000-49. Continuum previously was part of Bridgestone's Bandag operations, and it included a line of precure retreads that were sold worldwide.

With the investment in the molds, H&H Industries says its retread capabilities will now include new Bridgestone-style designs, including the VSNT, VMT and VMTP, as well as snow tread designs. The company also has its own line precure retreads.

By combining its molds, H&H Industries has rebranded its precure process as NeXus Premold: Retread Products & Services The company offers both OTR premolded retreading, as well as precure tread rubber to OTR reading companies.

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