Michelin Donates to Freedom of Movement Exhibit

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Michelin North America joined with the International African American Museum in a partnership that will focus on freedom in the age of mobility. The  mission is to honor untold stories of the African American journey through educational exhibits.

“This partnership supports Michelin’s efforts to recognize the legacy of those whose movements have not been always free and to teach the value of being ‘free to move’ in all spheres of life,” says William McMillian, executive sponsor of the African American Network for Michelin North America. 

“We hope the exhibit will start conversations around a central question – If you are not free to move, are you fully free? – that builds bridges in our communities.” 

Michelin’s second major gift to the museum will fund the inaugural traveling exhibition and a full set of programming, complete with a curriculum designed for K–12 students. 

A group of Michelin employees will also have the opportunity to explore their genealogy through the museum’s Center for Family History. This program is dedicated to helping individuals and families advance their understanding of their family’s history and the role their ancestors played in shaping American history.

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