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Monroe Has Controlled Its Ride for 100 Years

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Monroe Has Controlled Its Ride for 100 Years

Friday, May 20, 2016, proved to be an historic day for Tenneco Inc. and its Monroe brand of ride control products. The company not only celebrated the brand’s 100th anniversary in Monroe, Mich., but also enjoyed a number of special honors from local and state politicians.

Monroe Charter Township declared the day Monroe Shocks and Struts Day. Mayor Robert Clark declared it Tenneco Day in a proclamation.

Tim Walberg, U.S. Representative for Michigan's 7th Congressional District, read aloud the statements he made on the floor of the house, words that will forever be part of the congressional record. And Adam Delay, on behalf of U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow, presented the company with a certificate of Congressional Recognition for the 100th anniversary.

Gregg Sherrill, Tenneco’s chairman and CEO, explained why the anniversary is so special to the guests in attendance.

“I’m here to thank you, everyone who’s here today, for making Monroe what it is, which is an automotive brand 100 years old now that I can assure you is pretty doggone unique in our world,” he said. The brand has not only lasted 100 years – “most brands probably don’t last 20 years if you added them all up” -- but also is stronger than ever, with momentum going into the future.

It is a brand “that started right here in Monroe, Mich., started right here in the United States, but has penetrated markets around the world,” he said. “And very, very few automotive brands below the car level itself penetrate beyond their own borders. That is extremely rare. But Monroe is recognized all over the world.”

Tim Jackson, executive vice president for technology, strategy and business development, credited Monroe’s customers for the brand’s success.

“One of my favorite quotes from business school is the fact that everything starts with the sale,” he said. “Our customers are the reason we are here because indeed, everything does start with that sale. Without that sale we have no opportunity to innovate, we have no opportunity to manufacture, we have no opportunity to distribute our products. Everything starts with the sale.”

Jackson added that strong customer partnerships will help keep the brand viable through the next 100 years. That fits nicely with Tenneco’s short-but-sweet tagline: “One bold vision. One extraordinary future.”

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