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Curtis-Toledo says new compressor is eCOOL

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Curtis-Toledo says new compressor is eCOOL

Curtis-Toledo Inc. recently introduced the FS-Curtis GS Series line of variable speed drive air compressors.

“The new GS Series features FS-Curtis’ exclusive eCOOL Technology, which maximizes energy efficiency by providing improved cooling of the main drive motor and other critical components," says Jerry Elsen, director of sales and marketing. "These cooler operating temperatures, in turn, help to deliver better volumetric and electrical efficiency."

The Variable Speed Drive (VSD) allows users to match their energy usage to current system demands. With Demand Smart technology, the VSD enhances quality by stabilizing air pressure at 0.1 bar increments.

Automatic protective features with built-in harmonic filtration in the drive protect the unit from the following:

* low voltage,

* loss of a phase in the power supply,

* high temperature and

* high pressure.

The optional integrated refrigerated dryer stabilizes the dew point for better air quality, improves tool/equipment operation, and reduces corrosion.

The unit is designed with fewer moving parts, which reduces vibration and noise. It also has soft starting capability, which reduces inrush current requirements and leads to unlimited starts and stops of the motor without stressing it -- or the customer’s supply system.

FS-Curtis GS Series air compressors are backed by an Energy Smart 10-year air end warranty. For more information, please visit

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