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Why GITI's Champiro HPY? Why, it's Y rated

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Why GITI's Champiro HPY? Why, it's Y rated

GITI Tire (U.S.A.) Ltd. says its new ultra-high performance tire, the GT Radial Champiro HPY balances performance with value.

Introduced to a select group of tire dealers at the Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, Ariz., on Aug. 11, the Champiro HPY is available in 17 Y-rated sizes, including the following:

35 series -- 265/35ZR18 XL, 225/35ZR19 XL, 235/35ZR19 XL, 255/35ZR19 XL and 255/35ZR20 XL;

40 series -- 245/40ZR17 XL, 225/40ZR18 XL, 235/40ZR18 XL and 255/40ZR19;

45 series -- 215/45ZR17 XL, 225/45ZR17 XL, 235/45ZR17, 235/45ZR17 XL, 225/45ZR18 and 255/45ZR18 XL;

50 series -- 235/50ZR18 XL.

An additional 11 sizes will be available during the first quarter of 2011.

“We believe the GT Radial Champiro HPY is the right tire at the right time for drivers looking for value in this economy but not wanting to sacrifice the performance of their sports cars,” says Tom McNamara, vice president of sales for GITI.

The tire features an asymmetric tread pattern designed to minimize noise levels at high speeds. The open inner shoulder has continuous lateral grooves that help disperse water efficiently and prevent aquaplaning. The compact outer shoulder "ensures optimum road contact and excellent cornering stability," according to the company.

The tread pattern also includes a solid center rib "for straight line stability and steering response" and a full silica tread compound "for enhancing grip on wet surfaces." GITI says silica, in combination with silane and a special styrene butadiene rubber compound, delivers low rolling resistance and wet traction without sacrificing tread wear performance.

(The term “full” refers to the use of silica not only in the tread but also in the body compounds to further reduce heat buildup.)

For more information on GITI and its products, which are manufactured in China, visit

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