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Bosch builds 100 millionth hot-film air meter

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Bosch has produced its 100 millionth hot-film air mass meter (HFM) at its plant in Germany. Hot-film air mass meters are designed to measure the engine's air intake, independently of air temperatures and density.

The data it provides forms the basis for metering the amount of fuel that's injected into the engine, say Bosch officials.

"Achieving the right air-fuel ratio ensures that the engine operates efficiently, which, in turn, reduces emissions," says Warren Suter, director, engine management systems for Bosch's Automotive Aftermarket Division. "Moreover, in modern diesel engines, hot-film air mass meters serve to control exhaust gas recirculation."

The company's new-generation HFM 7 "is characterized by its high precision metering, compact design and sturdiness, and is available with either an analog or digital interface to the control unit," say Bosch officials.

"It can quickly deliver reliable data relating to the air flow in the induction tract after starting the engine in a vehicle equipped with a stop-start system."

Bosch adds that it is working to further improve the air mass meter's precision and flexibility. Bosch manufactures the meters at several locations, including Germany, Russia, Korea and China.

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