Fortune Tires Introduces a New All-Weather, 3PMS Tire

Feb. 26, 2024

The ClimaFlex 4S is Fortune’s newest touring and CUV all-weather tire. The 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) tire is a product with unparalleled endurance that your business can depend on. Elevate your tire inventory with a product line that will set your offering apart from other value-tier brands. 

ClimaFlex 4S Highlights 
Fortune’s ClimaFlex 4S is engineered for durability and designated with the 3PMS certification, ensuring superior performance even in wintery conditions. With an innovative “Fortune Four” tread pattern, aesthetics are blended with functionality so vehicles will look good on the road while keeping everyone safe. Snow-traction enhancers in the central grooves offer increased winter capabilities and exceptional all-weather performance. Advanced 3D siping ensures superior cornering and braking by enhancing tread rigidity, while full-depth sipes contribute to exceptional wet braking for the life of the tire. With a non-directional, symmetric pattern, tire rotation is a breeze, extending the tire's longevity. Plus, with a 70,000-mile/110,000-km limited treadwear warranty, dealers and retailers can position the ClimaFlex 4S as an upgrade to a standard all-season tire. 

Dealers and retailers can EXPECT MORE when it comes to high-quality and innovative products from Fortune versus the competition in this tier.

Popular Fitments
With a diverse range of 61 SKUs, covering the most popular touring and CUV sizes, the ClimaFlex 4S outfits a variety of vehicles and appeals to more customers. The tire is now available in 13 sizes, with the remaining SKUs launching throughout the second and third quarters of 2024. Popular fitments for this tire include, but are not limited to, the Toyota Rav 4, Toyota Camry, Nissan Rogue, Honda CRV, Toyota Corolla, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. The ClimaFlex 4S delivers unmatched performance and reliability in any driving condition. 

Fortune’s full PLT offering consists of over 300 SKUs, meeting 95% market coverage. Dealers and retailers can EXPECT MORE sizes and profitability when these tires are positioned in their lineups.

Rigorous Testing
Fortune Tires is committed to ongoing research and development, ensuring its products are always at the forefront of technology and performance. The company’s advanced tire design and manufacturing processes have earned a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable tires that drivers can trust. Each tire goes through a rigorous inspection process.

Fortune Tire’s goal is to be a true solutions provider to dealers so that they can focus on their business. Everyone deserves to EXPECT MORE from their tire brand, and with thorough tire testing and high-quality production, Fortune Tires allows tire dealers to be confident that adjustment rates are low, and comebacks are rare.

The Fortune Brand
Fortune Tires provides access to a complete line of PLT, ST, and TBR tires in the value tier, meaning distributors can provide retailers with a brand that they can program for all their customer needs. The product lineup continues to expand as the market changes and more sizes and applications are needed. Fortune is proud to produce great-looking tires with features and benefits dealers expect from big brand names. The only difference? Fortune offers these products at a great value. Fortune helps distributors and retailers meet their customers’ tire demands. You can EXPECT MORE from a tire manufacturer.

Fortune Tires is excited to introduce the NEW ClimaFlex 4S, a touring and CUV tire designed to meet all needs in any weather, at any time. Dealers can EXPECT MORE from the products they sell, and they can EXPECT MORE from Fortune Tires.