MTD Wants to Meet Your Young Leaders

April 7, 2016

Forget the negative stereotypes about younger generations. The livelihoods of today’s independent tire dealers depend on the work, talent, and technical intuition of the next generation. Modern Tire Dealer is launching a program to celebrate those young leaders.

In our November edition, MTD will feature those in our industry who are “On the Rise.” Whether they’re working in an alignment pit, standing at the sales counter, developing the latest rubber compound or driving a truck route, we know there are those who stand out for their excellence. And we want to know more about them.

Some are just starting their careers in the industry, while others have already taken some steps up the corporate ladder. Our industry as a whole is looking to the next generation, and MTD wants to tell their stories.

The first step is finding these trailblazers, and we need your help. The only restriction is that nominees be under the age of 40. Whether they work in a dealership, for a tire manufacturer, or for any company associated with our industry, they’re eligible. And yes, workers can nominate themselves. Here’s where to find the nomination form.

One of the great perks of my job at MTD is meeting independent tire dealers and getting a glimpse at how they operate their businesses. At the K&M Tire Inc.’s annual meeting in January I met up with a tire dealer from Illinois. He talked about how his 35-year-old son’s background in computers had helped him operate more efficiently, and ultimately, make his business more profitable. (I’m withholding his name here, but I’ll be reaching out with hopes that he submits his name for “On the Rise.”)

Do you have a difference maker like him in your business? Tell us about 'em.

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Joy Kopcha | Managing Editor

After more than a dozen years working as a newspaper reporter in Kansas, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, Joy Kopcha joined Modern Tire Dealer as senior editor in 2014. She has covered murder trials, a prison riot and more city council, county commission, and school board meetings than she cares to remember.