Pre-Q Galgo Continues Retread Education Efforts

Oct. 25, 2022

Pre-Q Galgo Corp. attended the annual Ohio School Bus Mechanics Association (OSBMA) workshop and presented information on the benefits of retreading to school bus mechanics and school district officials from Ohio.

The workshop was held Oct. 18 in Columbus, Ohio.

"We were a showcase vendor again this year, providing an excellent opportunity to spend more time with well over 200 mechanics from across Ohio," says Ron Elliott, marketing manager for Pre-Q Galgo. "As I am sure everyone knows, new tire prices continue to increase, and school districts are looking for alternatives to stretch their budgets. We had countless school districts tell us they were glad they came and learned that retreading has come a long way and provides an economical and safe alternative to new tires.

"Tony Scannell, sales manager (for) Wonderland Tire was on hand to assist us at the booth and conduct four tire workshops. We were also fortunate to have David Stevens, managing director (of) TRIB, helping us provide attendees with information about the economic and environmental advantages of a good retread program."