Continental Adds Truck Tire Data to TireTech App

March 13, 2023

Continental AG has extended the applications of its TireTech app beyond agricultural tires, and it now provides ideal tire inflation data for truck and bus tires. The app is designed for tire dealers, service technicians and fleet operators.

The app previously provided information on optimal pressure and how the proper tire selection provides the best efficiency in agricultural uses. The data has been extended to include commercial truck and bus tire applications.

The free app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It provides up-to-date tire and service info for Continental's full lineup of ag and commercial tires, and the information is available in multiple languages.

The tool includes a Pressure-Load Calculator, which helps tire dealers and other users calculate the correct inflation information for each tire based on axle load and tire size. The information is available even without an internet connection. And when there are additional questions, users can use the contact form to reach Continental's technical service team.

“With the Continental Tire Tech app, we are continuing to digitalize tire maintenance services,” says Catherine Loss, head of Technical Customer Services EMEA at Continental. “Our technical service team is excited to expand the functionalities of this app, complementing our existing customer offering.”

"With the Pressure-Load Calculator, fleet managers, technicians and tire retailers are able to determine the optimal inflation pressure for their tires, depending on the application," says Loss . "The Continental TireTech app helps to increase the efficiency of a fleet and reduce tire operating costs. The app also contributes to lowering emissions significantly, thanks to the correct pressures helping to reduce rolling resistance. This makes the Continental TireTech app another building block of Continental's holistic Lowest Overall Driving Costs (LODC) approach.”