See a sales counter rehab for under $2,500

April 14, 2015

Modern Tire Dealer columnist Wayne Williams teamed up with Daniels Tire Service to rehab a dysfunctional sales counter. He took photos to document every step of the project.

Williams has taken his vehicles to Daniels Tire Service, which is a few blocks from his home, for six years. “The retail sales counter is prime real estate,” he says. “It’s torture for me to watch sales staff and customers interact around this small counter space…it’s awkward, dysfunctional, boring, ridiculous and lacks intelligent design.”

Whew! That’s harsh! But Daniels Tire owner John Daniels, general manager Brent Cole and store manager Sean Sookwongse were behind the counter rehab project.

“This team understands customer service and customer experience; they do more than talk about it; they practice it daily.”

The scope of the project was simple, and the results speak for themselves, says Williams. The project required:

* willingness to change;

* desire to improve;

* focus on customer experience;

* two message boards;

* one custom-made counter extension;

* one digital screen message board;

* a two-tier stand to highlight tire specials;

* rerouting a few cables;

* adding a few plants and air freshener.

Total cost: less than $2,500.

“The best time to give it your best is at the time of purchase,” says Williams.

“Everything is better at this counter. It’s certainly more counter intelligent. If it doesn’t work at the counter, it doesn’t work!”

For more photos and the entire story see “100 years old and open to change: Harnessing the power of presentation” beginning on page 50 of the digital edition of the April issue of MTD.

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