Ateq Adds Alligator Dual-Band Sensor Coverage to Its TPMS Scan Tool

Aug. 17, 2018

Ateq TPMS Tools LC has added coverage for new Alligator dual-band sensors, which program sensors of both 315 and 433 frequencies, to its TPMS scan tool

Ateq says it is the first to offer coverage for the new Alligator dual frequency sensor. Using Ateq TPMS tools, users can program sensor of both 315 and 433 frequencies. The dual-frequency capability of Alligator allows shops to reduced inventory from two SKUs to one.

Using an ATEQ TPMS tool, users can read, create and clone the new dual-band programmable sensor quickly and easily.

The part numbers are:  

  • Alligator dual frequency rubber snap-in: #590887
  • Alligator dual frequency clamp-in: #590886

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