Bosch Unveils Robinair A/C Recovery Machine for Small Shops

April 13, 2017

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions has added the 34288NI air conditioning (A/C) recovery machine to the Robinair product line.

The new 34288NI machine is an entry-level unit suited for smaller shops that service passenger vehicle A/C systems.

The 34288NI machine recovers, recycles, evacuates, and recharges R-134A mobile A/C systems, covering most of today’s passenger vehicles.

The 34288NI is equipped with features not typically found on entry-level units, including a 4.3-inch full color graphic display and the ability to customize the machine through add-ons.

Optional features include a refrigerant and oil database for North American vehicles and a printer to print service summaries directly from the machine.