Bartec's Tire Inspection Tool Checks TPMS, Tread and Pressure

July 19, 2017

The Tech200Pro from Bartec USA LLC is an is an all-in-one stand-alone tire inspection tool designed to help front counter associates better communicate the precise condition of a customer’s tire.

The company says the Tech200Pro (part number WRT200Pro) is the first tool of its kind featuring tread depth measuring, tire pressure measuring and TPMS sensor testing in a single, easy-to-operated tool.

The simple tool layout makes collecting this information seamless, and the wireless Bluetooth allows the data to be sent to a tablet, PC or workstation. 

Never before has a sales associate been able to present this kind of clear and concise information to consumers, according to Bartec. The Tech200Pro communicates with Bartec’s TPMS Desktop or can be configured to work with existing P.O.S. systems.