New book tells Discount Tire founder’s story

Feb. 8, 2012

Michael Rosenbaum’s “Six Tires, No Plan” provides an in-depth and personal look at the pitfalls and triumphs of Bruce Halle, founder and chairman of Discount Tire Co. Inc.

The company is tied for number one on the latest MTD 100 list, the industry's most comprehensive list of independent tire dealer chains. In 2010, Discount Tire was number one on the MTD 100.

With 800 retail stores throughout the United States, Discount Tire Co. Inc. grossed more than $3 billion in 2010. According to Forbes, Halle is one of the 100 richest men in the country.

The book tells how Halle got his start in 1960 with a total of six tires (four of which were retreads) and $17,000 of debt. It was a week before he sold his first tire. From that humble beginning Halle built the company to what it is today, one of the nation’s largest independent tire companies.

At the age of 81, Halle’s rise from debtor to Forbes’ 96th richest American (Sept. 2011) is one of the greatest stories that has never been told—until now.

Written by business consultant and former business journalist Michael Rosenbaum, “Six Tires No Plan” provides a historical account of the creation of this tire monolith. It is also an insightful blueprint of how one entrepreneur used skill, faith, hard work and humility to rise to the top of an industry teeming with established competitors.

The book includes a profile of Halle’s management style, discussing the policies and programs he created at Discount Tire that allows an organic loyalty to form among employees and customers.

Published by the Greenleaf Book Group, the book will be available March 1, 2012, for $21.95.