Mega AirBlast seats tubeless tires

May 9, 2012

Ken-Tool Corp.’s latest product for tire service technicians is the 31444 Ken-Tool Mega AirBlast bead seating tool. Ken-Tool says it is designed to properly and efficiently seat the bead of tubeless tires to the rim.

This tool uses pressurized air to uniformly force the tire’s bead onto the rim before inflating the tire to the correct pressure. The Mega AirBlast tool is suitable for use on ATVs, autos, light and heavy-duty trucks, plus agricultural tractor tires. It has an operating maximum pressure of 165 psi.

A portable five-gallon air reservoir tank is the center of the 31444 Ken-Tool Mega AirBlast tool. A heavy-duty, 2-inch diameter tube with a ball valve carries the air to the insertion point between the bead and the rim. An air pressure gauge and a safety release valve are included for operator convenience and safety.

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