Delphi Will Expand Its Fuel Handling Offerings by 20% in 2020

Nov. 7, 2019

Delphi Product and Service Solutions is continuing its aggressive gameplan in fuel handling, with 300 new part numbers coming by the end of 2019, and another 400 new parts in 2020.

Of those new parts yet to come this year, Delphi says 70+ will be first-to-market offerings. Chad Smith, vice president of Delphi's aftermarket business in North America, admits its an aggressive approach.

“We are committed to finding complete solutions to support our customers’ businesses. This means taking care of their parts, testing, and training needs all in one program. And this is particularly true for fuel handling.”

The company offers more than 2,000 part numbers in fuel handling. In 2019 those offerings increased by 10%. Delphi will double that to 20% in 2020.

]The portfolio includes fuel modules, gasoline direct injection (GDi) pumps, electric fuel pumps, hanger assemblies, mechanical fuel pumps, transfer units, fuel strainers, feed pumps, in-line solenoid pumps and accessories.

Delphi's newest fuel pumps feature these upgrades, which the company says are designed to increase longevity and reliability:

  • longer wear-resistant lifespan: new carbon commutator and anodized aluminum pump components;
  • accurate and fast fuel level sender readings: button-style contacts with high conductivity, spring-loaded precious metals;
  • corrosion protection: internal components are fully sealed with an overmolded armature; and
  • protected against contaminants: high capacity synthetic mesh inlet filter.

The products feature Delphi's signature electric blue on the cover, filter, and pump cap to match the company's brand and signal Delphi quality.

Smith says Delphi is using its "OE know-how" in its aftermarket lineup.

GDi service program

Delphi also is offering training classes and adding new GDi pumps and testing equipment to its range. The company’s aftermarket portfolio includes more than one hundred GDi pumps with import and domestic coverage ranging from 2005-2018.

Its OE background also lends a hand in GDi technology, especially in diagnosing and repairing the system. At the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) the company demonstrated a working model of the new Hartridge Excalibur GDi Master, its first test equipment designed for gasoline systems. The Excalibur offers comprehensive injector testing with simple pass/fail criteria, making diagnostics and replacement a straightforward process. Its high pressure and high flow rate test capability match OE standards.

Training solutions

In order to support customers’ businesses with a full service solution, Delphi offers hands-on training courses across a variety of topics, including diagnosing and repairing fuel systems.

The classes are led by senior instructors and updated to reflect the latest technologies. Among the offerings is GDi, which represents one of the fastest growing areas of vehicle servicing. Tchnicians can learn about how GDi systems work and how to repair them in the advanced fuel systems course. They can also learn from their own home or garage with the Delphi Technologies YouTube channel, with videos that show how to diagnose injector misfires, the parts needed for a GDi repair, combatting vapor lock, and more.

Delphi  has also kickstarted a warranty reduction campaign in the category as a whole. It offers a fuel tank cleaning kit solution as part of its educational campaign to help technicians understand the need to clean the tank to avoid comebacks due to contamination. The importance of tank cleaning has been endorsed by the Car Care Council and Motorist Assurance Program (MAP), and added to Mitchell1 and Epicor.

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