Belle Tire proceeds with renovations

Jan. 20, 2015

Belle Tire Distributors Inc. based in Allen Park, Mich., is one-third of the way to its goal of renovating all of its Michigan and northern Ohio retail locations.

The company began remodeling its stores in 2012 and plans to be done by 2018. Next up to receive Belle Tire’s new in-store design are locations in Sterling Heights and Waterford, Mich.

With more than 90 years of automotive expertise under its belt, Belle Tire understands the importance of an in-store design that is welcoming to its customers, the company notes. “We’re a family-owned business and we want them to feel a part of the family whenever they visit one of our locations,” says Don Barnes III, president of retail operations and third generation at Belle Tire. “The new in-store design is intended to shatter the stereotype of the ‘greasy garage’ and create a place where they can feel as comfortable as possible while we service their vehicle.”

The locations at Sterling Heights and Waterford will include pods – instead of the traditional counter – that allow Belle Tire’s team to create a warm, friendly setting for customers and give them one-on-one attention. 

As customer expectations evolve, Belle Tire is committed to surpassing them by creating an environment that complements its tire prices and services, and allows them the opportunity to remain connected.

“The nature of customer service has changed throughout the years and consumers expect retail experiences that fit into their busy lives,” says Barnes. “Our new in-store design allows customers an opportunity to not only have their vehicles serviced, but to also remain productive as that happens.”

Some of the new options that will be available for customers include the ability to work remotely from the store with free Wi-Fi and charging stations for their wireless devices.

“Having to visit an automotive repair shop or getting new tires isn’t usually something people look forward to,” says Barnes. “We want to change their perception of that experience by providing the service they need while exceeding their expectations.”

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