Goal: attract young people to auto careers

Jan. 26, 2015

The Auto Care Association has created a new auto care careers website to educate young people about, and attract them to, careers in the auto care industry.

The website, www.autocarecareers.org, created as part of the association’s Education Committee Auto Care Careers initiative, features resources and information highlighting the variety of professional positions, fast growth potential and dynamic career paths available in the auto care industry.

Among the valuable materials on the website are downloadable factsheets in the “resources” section, designed for a variety of key audiences, including secondary students, parents and counselors, college students and graduates, military and technicians. The factsheets detail the wide range of potential job titles and the skills required for industry positions, and present individual testimonials and key data about the industry.  The website “Careers” page features a custom-built, interactive career accelerator featuring five industry segments – retail/wholesale, manufacturing, distribution, industry-wide positions and service/repair. Users can click on their preferred path to learn more about the positions, advancement opportunities and career trajectories available in the auto care industry.

Kathleen Schmatz, CEO and president of the Auto Care Association, says, “The auto care industry has the ability to provide exactly what young people are looking for in the workforce – fast career advancement, a job for just about every professional interest, and interesting and exciting work.

“The auto care careers website is our first big step in communicating the value and potential of our industry to outside stakeholders, and the potential employees that will be the future of the auto care industry.”

The association encourages member companies to link to the new site at www.autocarecareers.org, and use it as a resource in their recruitment efforts. Members also are encouraged to download and print the factsheets as useful handouts for potential employees about the industry and its careers. Plans are underway to communicate with additional non-industry audiences about the site, its variety of resources and the vast career opportunities in the auto care industry.

For more information, contact the Auto Care Association education department at 301-654-6664, or visit www.autocarecareers.org.