WD-40 3-In-One Lock Dry Lube protects locks

Feb. 19, 2015

WD-40 Co.’s 3-In-One Lock Dry Lube helps loosen and lubricate stuck locks and protect them from corrosion without attracting the dirt and debris that often plague lock lubricants.

3-In-One Lock Dry Lube’s clear formula dries within minutes so it won’t attract dirt, which can gunk up lock mechanisms, the company says. The attachable straw easily delivers the formula into narrow lock mechanisms to penetrate stuck locks quickly and deeply. Lock Dry Lube can also be used without the straw for a wider spray pattern to refurbish and protect the entire lock. The quick-drying Lock Dry Lube is safe to use on metal, wood and most plastic surfaces.

“3-In-One products have been trusted by tradespeople and DIYers for more than 100 years to clean, lubricate and protect tools and equipment,” says Tim Lesmeister, vice president of marketing. “Lock Dry Lube is a PTFE-based formula that provides professional-level lubrication and is proven to reduce wear on lock mechanisms for automotive, marine and commercial locks and padlocks, and provides long-lasting corrosion protection.”

3-In-One Lock Dry Lube comes in a 2.5-ounce size so it easily fits in small spaces like toolboxes.

For additional information, visit www.WD40Company.com and www.3inone.com.