Net Driven upgrades to 'responsive' sites

May 19, 2015

Net Driven has announced a major upgrade to the way it designs websites. With the announcement by Google that websites need to be mobile-friendly to be displayed in mobile search results  — which account for over 60% of all online searches, of which, Google accounts for 67% — Net Driven has decided to take it a step further and go responsive.

The number of devices that websites are being viewed on is growing continuously, and responsive design has quickly become the standard. Consumers are connecting to the Internet using desktops, laptops, tablets, notebooks, smartphones and even smart watches and TVs. Responsive design allows websites to adjust to fit any and all of these devices, automatically.

To see the update live, check out the website for Kearney Tire & Auto Service in Kearney, Neb.: Click here to see it live.

“We don’t just design websites, we provide solutions.," says Net Driven CEO Pat Sandone. "Consumer demand for smarter web design, coupled with Google’s new algorithm, poses a serious challenge for many businesses. For those businesses, we have your solution. Our goal is to stay in front of both trends and challenges in order to provide the solutions that will keep our clients ahead of their competition.”

Net Driven says the benefits of responsive design are not limited to the appearance on different devices. Responsive design produces faster loading times, eliminates the need for a separate mobile site which creates two competing URL's, reduces bounce rates, and provides a better end user experience. The website design company calls it "a design once and let the results speak for themselves kind of solution."

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