STS offers inspections for Tire Safety Week

May 19, 2015

STS Tire & Auto Centers (STS) is helping educate drivers about best tire maintenance practices during National Tire Safety Week, May 24-30, 2015.

The employee-owned STS has teamed up with the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) to educate motorists on becoming tire savvy to maximize driving efficiency and stay safe on the road.

Throughout the week, STS Tire & Auto Centers will offer complimentary 28-point tire and vehicle inspections, which include visually checking tires, air pressure, brakes, headlights, fluid levels, the air filter and battery, belts, hoses and more.

STS is encouraging drivers to take advantage of free compressed air at all of its locations to ensure proper tire inflation. Company experts will be on hand to explain how to check tire pressure, measure tread depth and additional key tire maintenance recommendations.

“With the busy travel season upon us it’s important that consumers understand the importance of tire maintenance and the impact it can have on the safety and reliability of their vehicle.” says STS President Bill Caulin. “That’s why we take the time to answer customers’ questions and make ourselves available as a trusted, year-round resource. We’re here to offer our expertise so consumers not only get the most for their dollar, but also peace of mind on the road.”

“Too many motorists continue to ignore the only equipment on their vehicles that touch the road,” says Dan Zielinski, the RMA's senior vice president of public affairs. “It takes just five minutes to check and properly inflate tires to optimize vehicle fuel economy and reduce the risk of tire problems.”

STS reminds drivers to check tire pressure monthly and before big excursions to avoid premature tire failure. Motorists should look for the placard on the driver’s doorsill for the proper inflation pressures for their tires. Check tire pressure before driving, when tires are cold, or three hours after driving for accurate readings. Include the spare in your monthly check to ensure that the tire is ready should you need it.

In addition, STS recommends extending the life of a tire by avoiding quick acceleration, and avoiding potholes which can throw a vehicle out of alignment. Rotate tires every 6,000 miles to ensure even tread wear. Be sure that your tire valve cap is on to keep the valve clean and prevent slow air leaks. Check your tire balance occasionally to help guarantee even tread wear. Don’t overload your vehicle, as unnecessary weight strains tires, and also wastes fuel.

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