Bartec releases TPMS software update

July 21, 2015

Bartec USA LLC’s latest software update for its TPMS tools enables users to adjust TPMS placard values and program the new EZ-sensor from Schrader International Inc.

Available to current subscribers to, Release 53 [and current sub-release 53.1] can be downloaded to a technician’s Bartec TPMS tool.

Features are specific to each Bartec tool (ranging from the Tech400Pro to the Tech300SD) and are defined in the software release bulletins found by clicking the Tech Support icon found in TPMS Desktop.

The company says the most noteworthy of the new features on this release are TPMS placard adjustment and programming of the new EZ-sensor.

Until now, when plus sizing tires, or changing tire types on a pickup truck, technicians were often frustrated by not being able to adjust the TPMS Placard value. Now, the Bartec Tech400pro and Tech500 can adjust the point at which the TPMS low pressure warning occurs, without compromising OE load capacity. This new feature means that technicians can properly set the TPMS based on the wheel and tire package for the vehicle while keeping the TPMS operative, according to the company.

Another market first feature in this latest software release is the ability to program the new EZ-sensor from Schrader. This new, single, aftermarket sensor solution combines 314.9 MHz, 315 MHz and 433 MHz frequencies into one easy-to-program TPMS sensor.

The company says Bartec tools are the first to offer this programming capability, and by simply updating the tool, technicians can begin using this programmable solution.

For a complete breakdown and explanation of all new features included in software releases 53 and 53.1,; click on the Tech Support icon in the TPMS Desktop and click on TSBs.

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