With used car finance company, the Identifix is in

March 8, 2011

Identifix Inc. has been selected as a J.D. Byrider Preferred Supplier. Identifix services will be available to all J.D. Byrider franchisees in the United States.

(J.D. Byrider Systems Inc. is a used car and finance company franchise.)

Program benefits include:

* special advantaged pricing available to J.D. Byrider franchisees;

* quick and effective, experience-based diagnostics for increased productivity and profitability;

* access to the Identifix database of pattern failures, specific vehicle symptoms, associated short-cut tests, and confirmed field fixes.

“We provide services that help shops to address vehicle problems with greater accuracy and efficiency, which, in turn, promotes trust and cultivates long-standing relationships with customers,” says Jeff Sweet, Identifix president. 

Identifix fields 15,000 to 20,000 calls per month from technicians in the automotive aftermarket. It also offers them Direct-Hit, an online diagnostic information service that gives them access to the Identifix database of symptoms and potential fixes.

For more information visit www.identifix.com.