Rebates offered on Bosch oil filters

April 14, 2011

From April 3 to Oct. 29, 2011, Robert Bosch LLC is running its Big Savings Rebate Program that offers motorists in the United States a rebate on both Bosch DistancePlus oil filters and Premium oil filters.

Bosch's Big Savings Rebate Program offers drivers a $5 rebate on the purchase of any Bosch DistancePlus Oil Filter and a $2 rebate on any Bosch Premium Oil Filter. This rebate is valid on purchases made at participating retailers.

"Fresh oil and filter keep a vehicle's engine free of dirt and grime and ensure its longevity and lasting performance," says Chuck Kerrigan, director of marketing for Filtration Americas, a Bosch business unit.

"Compared against a leading economy filter," says Kerrigan, "the Bosch DistancePlus high performance oil filter goes the distance with a 99.9% efficiency rating to remove more dirt and is designed with 300% greater capacity to hold more dirt. These features allow a car's engine oil to remain clean -- longer. Over time, this ability to screen out contaminants minimizes engine wear and ensures longer life and performance."

Bosch DistancePlus oil filter works with all brands of synthetic or conventional motor oils, notes the company.

Also included in the Big Savings Rebate Program are Bosch Premium Oil Filters that feature Bosch FILTECH technology. According to Kerrigan, "FILTECH technology utilizes an exclusive blend of natural and synthetic materials to offer superior oil filtration and better protection against engine wear."

The Bosch's Big Savings Rebate Program provides up to four filter rebates per household address with a maximum payout of $20 per household.

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