Federal-Mogul debuts wheel hub assembly line

July 8, 2011

Federal-Mogul Corp. is bringing the MOOG steering and suspension brand’s problem solving expertise to the wheel hub assembly category with a comprehensive new line of hub assemblies for millions of foreign nameplate and domestic vehicles.

Now available through leading automotive parts distributors and service providers, new MOOG hub assemblies incorporate a variety of exclusive design features to help service providers deliver longer lasting, problem-solving performance for nearly any popular late-model domestic vehicle as well as “Asia-Spec” and “Euro-Spec” foreign nameplate applications, says the company.

“MOOG hub assemblies are the right choice for professionals who want to provide an OE-style solution that lasts longer and provides quiet, trouble-free performance,” says Mark Boyle, director, steering and suspension products, Federal-Mogul. “The same problem-solving engineering philosophy that has made MOOG products the number-one choice of technicians has also driven the development of this important new product line.”

Federal-Mogul says each MOOG hub assembly features an exclusive, premium integral oil seal that eliminates bearing contamination and ABS performance issues associated with many competing products. Federal-Mogul’s strict engineering and manufacturing standards help ensure that these assemblies maximize the performance of related components in the vehicle’s ABS, brake and steering systems. All MOOG hub assemblies are inspected before shipping to check for proper ABS function and quiet operation.

Other key features of MOOG hub assemblies include:

  • Integral raceways that ensure proper clearance between ball and bearing riding surfaces for performance and durability;
  • OEM-approved bearing designs that eliminate the need for relubrication and help ensure cooler operation;
  • OEM ABS sensor and plug for a superior connection and strong, reliable ABS signal.

“Technicians can be certain that every internal component features precisely the right material, design and operating tolerance for the application,” Boyle says. “Hub assemblies play a critical role in protecting consumer safety, which is why the brand you specify and install is so important.”

For additional information visit www.moogproblemsolver.com. To identify the correct MOOG part, visit www.fme-cat.com.