SEMA Show, Day Four: Schrader TPMS PAD

Nov. 4, 2011

Schrader International Inc. has introduced an additional programming option for its EZ-sensor technology, a programmable OEM-replacement sensor.

In addition to the hand-held programming tool line from Bartec, the Bartec TPMS Programming Accessory Device (TPMS PAD) makes programming, replacing and relearning TPMS replacement sensors quick and efficient.

The Bartec TPMS PAD is now one of 12 different options that are capable of programming the Schrader EZ-sensor, the company notes.

“With more than 238 million TPMS sensors in the field currently, service and repair shops need solutions that will make TPMS programming and repair as easy as a standard oil-change,” says Scot Holloway, general manager, Bartec. “The new Bartec TPMS PAD offers an additional, quick way of programming Schrader’s EZ-sensors. Simply load the software on the shop’s PC/laptop and connect the TPMS PAD to your computer. With the easy-to-use on-screen interface, choose the make/model/year of the vehicle you’re working on and quickly program EZ-sensors. It’s a perfect option for busy repair shops when a hand-held tool may be unavailable or in use, or a set of EZ-sensors need to be programmed quickly.”

The TPMS PAD is the most recent addition to the portfolio of scan/programming tools compatible with Schrader’s EZ-sensor. In addition to providing Make/Model/Year look up, including model year 2012 coverage, key features of the TPMS PAD include:

* Quick Make/Model/Year on-screen look up, including 2012 model year coverage

* Direct reading of an existing/damaged sensor for quick programming of EZ-sensor

* On-Screen Relearn Procedures: By including the relearn procedure in the TPMS PAD, technicians will have all necessary instructions to properly relearn the vehicle’s TPMS system without the need for alternative references.

* SD Card slot for updating coverage with no Internet connection needed

* Easy to use software, no batteries or Internet connection needed

* Connects to PC or laptop using standard USB cable

* Ideal for busy shops, frees up your hand-held TPMS activation tool

The company is displaying the TPMS PAD in action in at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (SEMA) Show currently at the Las Vegas Convention Center, at either Bartec’s booth (#40147) or Schrader’s booth (#40079).

To learn more about the Bartec TPMS Pad online, visit