New Software Allows Inventory Ordering in Real Time

Dec. 18, 2018

Andreoli & Associates Inc. can now provide “real-time” inventory lookup and tire ordering to tire suppliers directly from Ford, Chrysler, and GM car dealerships’ systems, thanks to an integration with Automated Media Inc. (AMI).

Orders placed by the car dealerships are automatically generated in the Andreoli billing system, allocating inventory and alerting the wholesaler of a new order. The integration also supports automated replenishment ordering for car dealerships that maintain minimum stocking levels in their systems.

“As the 'next gen' tire supply chain continues to evolve, our clients are well positioned to provide the JIT (just-in-time) and 'hot shot' delivery services demanded by car dealerships that the Tier 1 channel is less favorably equipped to serve," said Mike Andreoli, president of Andreoli & Associates, which does business as Andreoli Software.

Mike Caroglanian, president of Tire World Wholesale LLC, said regional distributors like his company are in the perfect position to service the car dealership market. Tire World is a two-warehouse wholesaler based in central Maryland.

"We typically can deliver tires faster and offer more personalized service than the large national tire distributors can."

Andreoli said he envisions a closer working relationship between tire manufacturers and the regional wholesale channel in order to better facilitate servicing the growing car dealership channel.

"Concurrently, we will be adding additional enhancements in 2019 to enable our clients to leverage their delivery capabilities and channel position."

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