Michelin makes high-tech donation to CU-ICAR

Feb. 2, 2011

Michelin Americas Research Company has donated a Lecroy Wavemaster 8600A oscilloscope to the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) in Greenville, S.C., for use in the Edouard Michelin Research Laboratory. The company says the move is part of its ongoing partnership with the school to advance research and improve the safety of automobiles featuring electronic communications systems.

"Our work related to vehicle safety and reliability would not be possible without the state-of-the-art laboratory equipment provided by Michelin," says Todd Hubing, the Michelin Professor of Vehicle Electronic Systems Integration at CU-ICAR and director of the lab.

The oscilloscope is capable of taking 20 billion samples per second of electronic signals and storing them for later data analysis. Research with the oscilloscope will help engineers integrate electronic systems more smoothly in vehicles.

"Michelin is proud of the work taking place at the Edouard Michelin Research Laboratory. This equipment provides the world-class research teams at CU-ICAR with yet another resource for helping further the innovations and advancements that Michelin remains committed to providing the driving public every day, around the world," says George O'Brien, Michelin's global coordinator of project managers for research and development.

"The original plans for CU-ICAR did not include an electronics laboratory. Michelin recognized the important role that electronics research would play in the automotive industry, and it is largely due to their efforts that CU-ICAR is now a leading institution for safety-related automotive electronics research," Hubing says.