TBC has six new tire lines to wholesale

June 14, 2011

The TBC Wholesale Group has six new light truck tire lines available to dealers. The lines were developed with improved all-season traction, durability and tread wear in mind.

According to TBC, the six new lines enhance the company's existing portfolio. They are:

1. Multi-Mile Wild Country XRT III.,

2. Eldorado Sport Fury LT AS (pictured),

3. Cordovan Wild Trac XRS Plus,

4. Jetzon Revenger APR,

5. Sigma Stampede AS2, and

6. Telstar Turbostar APR.

“We continue to actively design high-quality, affordable tire lines to provide consumers with durability, reliability and safety,” says Jon Vance, director of product marketing.

"These new lines have been designed to maximize performance in a variety of on and off-road conditions. Our dealers can be confident in our product offerings; knowing that we are always strategizing to bring them the best products”

The new lines will offer 11 popular sizes to cover a majority of popular fitments in the all terrain/all position light truck tire category. Sizes will be available between mid-June and late-July 2011.

In addition to enhanced all-season traction, durability, and tread wear; all six tires feature stylish five-rib designs that incorporate strategically placed tread elements. They also have siping and channeling characteristics to maximize performance in a variety of on- and off-road conditions.

For more information on TBC Corp and its TBC Wholesale Group subsidiary , visit  www.tbccorp.com.