Goodyear revamps Web site for ‘Cars 2’ promo

June 27, 2011

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. is promoting Disney and Pixar’s animated comedy “Cars 2.” The movie opened in theaters nationwide June 24, 2011. 

Inspired by Goodyear and the Pixar character Buzz Lightyear, “Lightyear” tires will reprise the role as animated rubber on the road for the sequel’s star, Lightning McQueen.  In honor of the film, Goodyear also transformed its Web site homepage and blimp to read “Lightyear.”

“Director John Lasseter approached Goodyear during production of the first ‘Cars’ movie because he wanted it to feel authentic — right down to the tires,” said Garth Ely, Goodyear brand director. “Many experts, such as the drivers in NASCAR, choose Goodyear tires for superior performance, so to receive such an homage from Lasseter and Pixar really means a lot. The connection between Goodyear’s racing heritage and Disney-related films that feature racing storylines is important to us.”

In addition to its role in the movie, Goodyear helped bring “Cars 2” to life for the film’s World Premiere at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on June 18. Not only did Goodyear transform its iconic California-based blimp to read “Lightyear,” but the company also provided thousands of real Goodyear tires to help Disney bring “Tire Town,” an activity within the “Cars 2” World Grand Prix Attraction, to life. The 25,000-square-foot outdoor attraction invites guests to immerse themselves into the world of “Cars 2.”

In the digital space, Goodyear “re-skinned” its Web site ( by applying a “Lightyear” treatment to graphics and copy. The transformation allows fans, kids and parents alike, to celebrate the fun of “Cars 2” and still be only a click away from shopping for tires and finding Goodyear retailers.