Network's 2017 Expo in Cancun Is Sold Out

Jan. 27, 2016

The Automotive Distribution Network (Network) has sold out the group’s 2017 Exposition, which will be held Feb. 23–27, 2017, at the Fiesta Americana Resort in Cancun.

“The 2017 Exposition will bring the group’s warehouse members, stores and service dealers together with some of the Network’s primary manufacturer partners for what will be a relaxing gathering at one of the finest beachfront resorts in Cancun,” says Bob Barstow, vice president of marketing.

Above all, the Cancun event will enable the group’s manufacturer partners to discuss trends and product innovations with the Network’s members and their customers from around the country.

“These kind of face-to-face interactions help ensure the Network’s vendor partners continue to meet the ever-changing needs of the group, from the warehouse to the guy who throws away the box,” Barstow says.

The Network operates under the brands of Parts Plus, Parts Plus Mexico, IAPA and Auto Pride. For more information, contact Bob Barstow at (901) 682-9090.