Sincera SN250 A/S: the First Falken Performance Touring Tire

March 21, 2016

In is the Falken Sincera SN250 A/S, an all-season performance touring tire. Out is the Sincera SN211, an almost "trouble-free tire for us," said Nick Fousekis, product director for passenger tires for Sumitomo Rubber North America Inc.

Why the change when adjustments on the SN211 were much less than one-tenth of a percent over its five-year run in the aftermarket?  Fousekis said the new SN250 A/S is comparatively superior.

1. The addition of H- and V-rated sizes. SN211 sizes were only T-rated, putting it in the standard touring category, while the SN250 A/S sizes are T-, H- and V-rated.

2. Less rolling resistance. The SN250 A/S is a slightly lighter tire, says Fousekis.

Featuring Falken Dynamic Range Technology, the SN250 A/S "ensures maximum grip at a wider range of operating temperatures for exceptional dry and wet traction," according to Sumitomo. In addition, strategically placed tread blocks balance harmonics to reduce tire noise.

Sumitomo executives officially launched the FK450 A/S, along with three other tires, at a recent dealer ride-and-drive in Phoenix, Ariz. This is the fourth of Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich's four-part report on the new lines.

The Sincera SN250 A/S is available in 54 sizes covering 86% of the non-luxury sub-compact through full-size vehicles. The T-rated sizes are backed by an 80,000-mile limited tread wear warranty, while the H- and V-rated sizes are backed by a 70,000-mile warranty.

14 inches

175/65R14 82T       185/60R14 82H

185/65R14  86T      185/70R14 88T

195/70R14 91T

15 inches

175/65R15 84T        185/55R15 82V

185/60R15 84T        185/65R15 88T

195/60R15 88T        195/65R15 91T

195/65R15 91H        205/60R15 91T

205/65R15 XL 99T   205/70R15 96T

215/60R15 94T         215/65R15 96T

215/70R15 98T         225/70R15 100T

235/75R15 105T

16 inches

185/55R16 83T          195/55R16 87T

205/50R16 87T          205/55R16 91H

205/55R16 91T          205/60R16 92H

205/65R16 95H          215/55R16 XL 97H

215/60R16 95T          215/60R16 95V

215/65R16 98T          215/70R16 100T

225/60R16 98T          225/65R16 100T

225/70R16 103T        235/60R16 100H

235/65R16 103T        235/70R16 106T

17 inches

215/50R17 XL 95V     215/55R17 94V

215/55R17 94T           215/60R17 96T

215/65R17 99T           225/50R17 XL 98V

225/55R17 97V           225/60R17 99T

225/65R17 102T          235/55R17 99T

235/60R17 102T          235/65R17 104T

18 inches

215/55R18 95T             225/50R18 95T

225/55R18 98T             225/60R18 100H

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