Hunter Engineering’s WinAlign Software Now Available

Aug. 5, 2022

Hunter Engineering Co. says WinAlign 17.1, the newest version of its alignment software, is now shipping.

The new software provides two benefits for Hunter Quick Check Drive and Quick Check Commercial unmanned inspection system customers.

“First, 17.1 bridges the gap between passenger vehicle and heavy-duty inspection systems by measuring those trucks too heavy or wide for the passenger tread system, but not tall enough for the full HD system,” say Hunter officials.

“The new configuration allows for medium-duty vehicles, such as bucket trucks, to be accommodated on Hunter’s Quick Check Drive unmanned inspection system.”

“Dealers and fleet owners who service big trucks want to be able to read duallies and some medium-sized trucks, such as the upper end of the Ford F-series,” says Alex Smith, product manager, Hunter. 

“These vehicles may weigh too much or be too wide for the passenger tread system, but with 17.1, they can cover everything from a Fiat 500 all the way up to a Ford F-650. Now, the customer gains the medium without losing the small.

“The ability to inspect medium-duty trucks won’t preclude them from testing typical passenger cars or vice-versa.” 

This capability would particularly benefit dealers in rural locations, Hunter officials add.

WinAlign 17’s second primary benefit, according to Hunter, is dual license plate capture, giving fleet customers the ability to track the tractor and trailer as separate assets. 

“Previously, you had to catch them still attached before getting the trailer to an alignment rack,” says Smith. “Now you’ll still know which tractors and trailers need attention, even if they’re detached.”