Need For EV Tires Has 'Never Been Greater,' Says Sailun

April 24, 2023

The need for electric vehicle (EV) tires "has never been greater," says Jack McClure, segment manager, PLT, Sailun Tire Americas.

“There are many benefits when fitting an electric vehicle with EV-specific tires,” according to McClure, who adds that "traditional tires with correct attributes and specifications can be used on EVs."

He likens the discussion to the old debate about the effectiveness of all-season tires versus dedicated winter tires.

“If you are looking for the best performance and driving experience, the answer is yes - go with winter tires. Ideally, the answer should also be yes - go with EV specific tires if you want to get the most out of your electric vehicle.

"When roads are covered with snow and ice, winter tires are appreciated by those that have them and the same applies to EV drivers, with dedicated EV tires.” 

Overall, tires for any sedan, light truck, CUV and SUV need to be equipped with the correct load index and speed rating, says McClure, and “all traditional tires can be sourced to meet those basic requirements for an EV, too.  

“However, EVs have major factors to consider when it comes to choosing tires, such as additional weight, additional torque and the fact that EV drivers want to avoid unwanted road noise from tires as they have nearly silent operation.  

EV-specific tires “help address those needs," notes McClure.

As the population of EVs continues to increase and more vehicle manufacturers offer additional electric options, “the need for tires that specifically enhance EV performance, help increase range and also deliver a quiet and comfortable driver experience" will only increase, he says.

Stay tuned to as more tire manufacturers weigh in on the subject.

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