Countrywide Tire Offers Custom Delivery Program for Retailers

Oct. 1, 2021

Countrywide Tire and Rubber Inc. has created the Multiple Access Distribution (MAD) program for retailers of specialty tires. It offers a custom mix of inventory and delivery options to dealers throughout the U.S.

Countrywide says the program can help tire retailers expand their product offerings, and if they choose, do it without adding inventory and committing to more overhead expenses.

MAD offers three delivery options: the company's flagship warehouse option, which provides delivery within two business days; LINK, which provides delivery in 20- or 40-foot container loads direct from the factory; or a business-to-consumer distribution system where the retailer can list Countrywide products — tires, inner tubes, wheels and wheel assemblies — on their website or in store, without committing to overhead costs.

All three options include benefits such as pre-paid freight, order tracking, and cobranded marketing materials and custom labeling as needed, Countrywide says. The products are covered by Countrywide’s Ultimate Advantage Lifetime Warranty satisfaction guarantee.

“We are always looking for the innovative ways to partner with our customers to help them gain a competitive edge and grow their business, sales and profits,” says Countrywide CEO and President Chad Isaacs. “Especially now, following two very difficult years that have presented so many challenges to tire retailers, we are very happy to serve as a silent partner, to help businesses benefit from our large product inventories and sophisticated distribution methods.

“I’m extremely excited about our new business-to-consumer option, because it allows our partners to offer their customers an exponentially expanded number of offerings in several categories, without adding storage, inventory or workforce expense. Each retailer is able to add Countrywide Tire products to the website or promote them in-store, take orders as usual, forward the orders to us, then we deliver them to the customers’ homes, or to the store location, painlessly and seamlessly.”

Countrywide's exclusive brands include RubberMaster tires, Master ATV tires and SteelMaster wheels. The company says it has "the largest inventory of inner tubes in the U.S.", plus more than 100 wheel assembly combinations, flaps and other related items.