BendPak Improves EV Battery Scissor Lift

Jan. 27, 2023

BendPak Inc. has improved, expanded and branded its EV battery scissor lift table lineup, by creating the new Mobi-EVSTM EV battery and powertrain lifting systems. The systems include an upgraded model and a higher-capacity model, EV4000SL.  

It debuts this week in booth 3989 at National Automobile Dealers Association Expo 2023 in Dallas, Texas.  

According to BendPak officials, the 40-inch by 60-inch lift platform rises more than six feet in less than 20 seconds with a button push. The new Mobi-EVS model EV4000SL delivers a load capacity of 4,000 lbs. The EV2400SL retains its 2,400 lbs. capacity. 

Both models now feature an integrated slip-plate deck that enables side-to-side shifting up to 1.5 inches along both axis for adjustability and precise parts alignment.

“As OEMs roll out more EVs, we’ve adapted our EV battery and powertrain lifting system to stay at the forefront of the technology needed to service these cutting-edge vehicles,” says Jeff Kritzer, president and CEO, BendPak.  

“Mobi-EVS lift tables can handle high-voltage battery packs from a Tesla Model 3 to a Ford F-150 Lighting all the way up to a GMC Hummer EV1. They protect technicians by eliminating manual lifting, lowering, and positioning of heavy battery packs and making it easy to ergonomically move them around the shop.” 

BendPak officials say they made several design enhancements to Mobi-EVS lifts. The zero-throw tri-casters have been upgraded and the steering handle has been reinforced for longer life and control. A quarter-inch-thick steel-reinforced deck plate “minimizes deflection, maximizes load stability and helps extend the life of the lifts.” 

Mobi-EVS models meet the standards prescribed by ASME PASE 2019 (Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Service Equipment).