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Learning How to Retain Customers Is at Your Fingertips

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Learning How to Retain Customers Is at Your Fingertips

The webinar is over, but learning “How to Retain Customers and Drive Revenue Through Consistent Interaction” in your business never stops. Fortunately, that information is on demand. At your fingertips.

Podium Corp. Inc.’s webinar on Oct. 19th addressed the topic in detail. “The way consumers decide which tire shop to use has changed significantly in recent years,” says the company. “A vast majority of the buying experience has been done online before the customer even walks into your store. In fact, consumers are nearly 60% of the way through the customer journey before they reach out.

“Because of this the question many store managers have on their minds is, what can they do to turn those online searchers into offline buyers. The simple answer is consistent interaction across the entire customer journey.”

Podium defines customer interaction as “any communication or engagement – online or offline – between a business and consumer.”

Here’s why customer interaction matters, said Matt Boyce, Podium’s marketing director and one of the webinar’s two speakers. It helps you do three things:

1. Get discovered. Your business can attract new customers by improving local SEO ranking.

2. Drive loyalty. Consistent interaction creates customer loyalty.

3. Improve experiences. In-depth feedback will optimize the customer experience.

Online reviews matter, said Boyce, who throws out this key statistic: 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decisions.

“3.3 (our of 5) is the lowest star rating of a business consumers would consider engaging with,” he says. And if you reach 3.3, you only “succeeded at being average.”

Dustin Duvanich, Podium’s automotive services sales director, also shared insight into consistent interaction. He said there are five ways to maintain it:

1. Stay informed. Collecting and managing feedback and monitoring customer satisfaction in real-time will help you truly understand your customers.

2. Know when to engage. Make sure you interact with your customers at the right time with the right message through the right channel.

3.Take a proactive approach. There are a number of opportunities to interact with customers, including advertising, online reviews and appointment reminders.

4. Respond quickly. Duvanich suggested assigning specific individuals to respond to inquiries.

5. Be flexible. “Your customers’ interaction preferences will change,” he said. “Don’t be afraid to change with them.”

This information is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to retaining customers and driving revenue through consistent interaction. To learn more, listen to the webinar on demand by visiting, or click this link:

"How to Retain Customers and Drive Revenue Through Consistent Interaction.” 

For even more information on the webinar and Podium Corp. Inc., check out this link:

"Free Webinar Will Offer Insights on Attracting and Retaining Customers."

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