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MaddenCo introduces 'point and click' application

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MaddenCo Inc. has created a graphical "point and click" software application for its Tire Dealer System. The company unveiled the technology at its recent Users’ Meeting in Evansville, Ind.

In front of approximately 140 attendees -- a meeting record -- representing nearly 900 tire locations, President Jay Adams talked about the new mouse-driven application.

“The MaddenCo dealer can now decide at the individual workstation level how to deploy the Tire Dealer System software," he said. "For instance, a retail dealer might find it important to have a graphical software presentation at the counter in order to provide an at-the-counter environment that is more familiar to the customer and the service writer.

"However, that same dealer might have a wholesale division where use of a mouse and ‘point and click’ slows down the sales process, and having keyboard speed and functionality without a mouse is more critical to completing the transaction as quickly as possible."

MaddenCo now offers a solution for both of these requirements for the same dealer, according to Adams. "The dealer can look at both and decide at the local workstation level which application of the software to use.”

The new application already has been integrated into MaddenCo’s three latest Tire Dealer System installations, as well as in many truck stop service centers already using the MaddenCo software. For more information, visit

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