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Hercules Launches Roadtour 855 SPE Tire in 36 Sizes

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Hercules Launches Roadtour 855 SPE Tire in 36 Sizes

Hercules Tire and Rubber Co.’s new Roadtour 855 SPE grand touring tire in 36 sizes with an 85,000-mile treadwear warranty is now available throughout the U.S.

Hercules says the Roadtour 855 SPE has innovative features and high-quality materials to deliver a premium touring tire that provides safety, reliability and comfort – along with up to 85,000 miles of warranty coverage.

“We are proud to introduce a true grand touring tire that provides the security, reliability and comfort families expect from Hercules,” says Jedd Emans, vice president of marketing.

The company says the new tire’s asymmetric tread consists of larger tread blocks on the outside of the tire that provide increased stability and dry traction. Smaller elements on the inside feature dense siping for added grip in adverse conditions.

Other features include:

* solid shoulder with offset grooves that provide greater stability and reduces road surface noise, creating a quiet and comfortable ride;

* 3D siping design that facilitates greater contact between the tire and the road and increases the amount of biting edges, improving grip on wet roads;

* full depth siping that ensures lasting traction and performance throughout the life of the tire; and

 *advanced silica tread compound that provides for even wear, low rolling resistance and outstanding wet traction.

The Hercules Roadtour 855 SPE has 36 V-, H- and T-rated sizes covering 15 to 18 inch rim diameters, and accommodates popular fitments such as the: Ford Fusion, Dodge Caravan, Honda Accord, CR-V and Odyssey, Toyota Camry and RAV4, Chevrolet Impala, Hyundai Tucson and Sonata, and Volvo S60.

With a UTQG of 780 A A, T-rated sizes of the Roadtour 855 SPE feature an 85,000 mi/135,000 km limited mileage warranty, and V/H-rated sizes are backed by 70,000 mi/112,000 km of coverage.

All sizes offer road hazard protection and Hercules’ exclusive 30-day Trust Our Ride test drive.

The addition of the Roadtour 855 SPE completes the company’s Hercules brand premium portfolio, joining the Terra Trac Cross-V™ SUV-LT/CUV, Terra Trac AT II all-terrain and Raptis R-T5 all-season UHP tires.

“For over 60 years, Hercules has offered high-quality tires that provide tremendous value to the consumer – products that are only available through independent tire dealers. This has always been our commitment to our customers,” says Emans. “We believe our Roadtour 855 SPE grand touring tire is an outstanding example of this commitment.”

Complete sizes and specifications for the Hercules Roadtour 855 SPE are available at

The company previewed the new tire at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

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