1 + 1 = 1: Two groups form Fitment Group

May 15, 2012

Geckobyte and RTM Marketing Group have combined to create Fitment Group, a business solutions software company that targets the tire and wheel industry.

Fitment Group says it provides tire dealers with "true" business intelligence that focus on the following:

* consumer demand for specific tires in individual markets,

* competitive pricing analysis, and

* identifying new consumers through demographic and financial data combined with proprietary algorithms.

"Fitment Group’s tools will create the optimal product screen to increase margins and sales, while reducing costs," says the company.

Comprehensive wheel and fitment data in AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association)-based attributes, ACES and PIES creation, ecommerce solutions, and 2D vehicle and wheel visualization are also part of Fitment Group's suite of products.

The companies combined in December 2010 and are fully integrated. Geckobyte was founded by Tiegen Fryberger and has been supporting and providing the tire industry with web and data based solutions since 1997. RTM Marketing Group was founded by Jeff Riddle, and has been offering business intelligence solutions to companies since 2001.

Fryberger is Fitment Group's CEO. Riddle, a 27-year tire industry veteran, is COO of the Automotive Division. J.P. Brooks is director business development.

“”By combining with the RTM and the integration of its Business Intelligence Tools, we round out our product suite," says Frybeger. "The Business Intelligence Tools... offer manufacturers, distributors and retailers the tools that deliver increased margins and sales."

For information, visit www.fitmentgroup.com.