Michelin offers consumer ‘Promise Plan’

Feb. 28, 2011

Starting March 1, consumers in the U.S. and Canada who purchase a set of Michelin tires will automatically receive the new Michelin Promise Plan, which offers a free 30-day satisfaction guarantee, three-year flat tire changing assistance and additional mileage warranties on passenger and light truck replacement tires. 

The key for the Michelin Promise Plan is conveying to consumers how Michelin stands behind its products, says Sheryl Henderson, Michelin’s director for services, passenger and light truck tire division.

"We want to make sure when the customer is buying our high quality product that they’re getting a high-quality service offer to go with it.

"And we put it together to make it easy for our dealers to use, with effective umbrella communications and quick talking points dealers can use when speaking to their customers about Michelin tires."

The Michelin Promise Plan includes:

* 30-day satisfaction guarantee: If the consumer doesn’t like the tires, they can return them to the point of purchase within 30 days for a no-cost exchange, including all mounting and balancing charges, no questions asked.

* Flat-tire changing assistance: If the consumer gets a flat, Michelin will change it, or tow the vehicle for free.Consumers call a toll-free number for a qualified service professional to replace a flat tire with their inflated spare, or request a tow to the nearest Michelin-approved tire dealer of their choice (up to 150 miles away) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at no cost.

* Tread wear mileage warranty: Beginning March 1, all standard Michelin passenger and light truck tires (replacement and original equipment) will be covered by a limited warranty for tread wear. All details, including applicable conditions and limitations, can be found at www.michelinman.com/promise.

The warranty covers all Michelin passenger and light truck tires with the execption of DOT-approved competition tires.

The Michelin Promise Plan came about following feedback from consumers and the company’s own dealer council, Henderson notes.