Pep Boys Is Helping Meineke Franchisees Sell More Tires

April 19, 2016

Meineke Car Care Centers LLC is rolling out a new program — in partnership with Pep Express Parts, the commercial division of Pep Boys — Manny, Moe & Jack — to help Meineke franchisees boost their tire business.

The Meineke TreadSmart Tire Program is designed to increase franchisee engagement and competency in the tire business, and help drive incremental profits and facilitate the sale of adjacent service offerings around the wheel, the two companies say.

The TreadSmart Tire Program was developed with input from the The Meineke Dealers Association (MDA). It was designed by Pep Express to mirror the benefits and financial advantages of major tire manufacturer loyalty programs. The program offers a broad base of “good, better, best” branded- and private-label offerings.

The program is geared toward national and regional accounts that compete in the aftermarket service arena. It includes what the companies call "an aggressive commercial pricing plan," with an additional companion rebate matrix designed to reward franchisees based on volume and brand selection up to a maximum of 5%. As an additional benefit, tire purchases also will count toward required purchase levels on the parts side thereby maximizing rebate payouts across the board.

Pep Boys offers what it calls "hot shot" delivery, and as part of the Meineke TreadSmart Tire Program, that would include quick tire delivery from local Pep Express locations. That delivery helps businesses that don't stock tires, and alleviates the complexity and cost of stocking a solid range of tire options, which the companies acknowledge can be problematic for most service centers.

“We know time is money. The Pep Express business model is designed to service our customers ‘on demand,’ unlike other distributors that execute next day or once a day deliveries for the purpose of replenishing stock. This latter model works fine if you are a tire retailer, but not for a service shop,” the two companies said.

Under the new Meineke TreadSmart Tire Program, the company also will remove (on an equal exchange basis) any old tires and ensure they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

For more information on the TreadSmart Tire Program, contact Tas Panas, director of strategic partnerships for Pep Express at [email protected].

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