VSG Partners With TEXA in ADAS, A/C Repair

Nov. 8, 2022

Vehicle Service Group (VSG) is pairing its Rotary brand with TEXA USA, a designer and maker of diagnostic tools, for new products in advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) solutions.

“We are invested in providing our partners, customers and the industry with the most comprehensive set of shop solutions on the market," says Ian Wendler, vice president and general manager for VSG Americas. “Our partnership with TEXA is the beginning of Rotary’s expanded ADAS offering and provides a unique solution to service, repair and calibrate today’s complex vehicles.”

The mobile ADAS solution offers repair service professionals a quick and cost-efficient way to recalibrate cameras, radars, LIDARs and sensors when replacement is required and additional measures are necessary that affect them – such as replacing the windshield and bumper, repairing suspensions, aligning wheels, changing tires and replacing the engine control unit. 

The system helps technicians perform static and dynamic calibrations and reset ADAS correctly.

Continuously updated software guides technicians step-by-step through each phase of calibration and replacement and provides broad coverage of new and late- model cars and trucks.

“This is the first product to come out of our recently announced partnership,” says Dario Peruch, president and managing director of TEXA USA. “It’s exactly what you’d expect to see from Rotary, one of the longest-standing premier automotive service brands and a high-tech automotive diagnostic tool provider – a product that’s advanced enough to handle the demands of new model vehicles, yet can easily integrate into any work area within a repair shop.”

In addition to the ADAS solution, product lines with the brand "Rotary powered by TEXA" will include fully automatic air conditioning charging solutions designed to make the process "quick, efficient and cost effective."

Wendler says that "AC equipment now complements our full line of vehicle lifts, wheel service, calibration, and alignment products. With TEXA, we’ll be able to go beyond the exterior of the vehicle and further underneath the hood to support repair shops across North America with advanced, simple-to-use technology that will ensure AC jobs get done right faster and more efficiently than ever before.” 

For more than 30 years, TEXA has developed high-tech automated equipment from exhaust gas analyzers, air conditioning recharge stations and tele-diagnostic devices for cars, bikes, trucks, boats and farm machinery.

“Our TEXA products are highly technical, but still intuitive enough for automotive mechanics and repair service personnel to use with the upmost degree of accuracy and precision,” says Bruno Vianello, founder and president of the TEXA Group. “That’s largely due to the fact that we oversee the entire process – from the design and manufacture of each product, the semiconductors, software and all the other components, to the strictest certification standards in-house within an ultra-modern manufacturing plant.”