TireHub to Expand Distribution into 3 New Markets

Dec. 15, 2021

TireHub LLC will enter three new markets and move two other distribution centers into larger facilities. Two of the moves are happening in December, with the others to follow in 2022.

The new markets TireHub will serve will be McAllen, Texas; Tucson, Ariz.; and Beltsville, Md. The existing TireHub Logistics Centers (TLCs) in Memphis, Tenn. and Metairie, La. will expand, with Memphis moving into a larger facility, and Metairie adding space next to its current location; the Metairie center will double in size.

“TireHub’s trajectory going into 2022 is undeniably strong, and we are confident about what’s ahead for us in the new year,” says Interim CEO Ted Becker. “Our goal is to be the leading wholesale tire distributor in the United States. To accomplish this, we are consistently expanding and strengthening our presence across the country to provide exceptional customer service.

"We will remain focused on differentiating ourselves through customer service and support to drive growth in 2022 and beyond. With the new year on the horizon, there is plenty to look forward to as we plan for the months ahead.”

The Texas site will open in December, as will the larger Memphis facility. The Louisiana and Maryland moves are slated for "early next year."

TireHub says it operates 71 logistics centers around the U.S. Since opening in July 2018 the company has expanded into five new markets and relocated 10 of its distribution centers.