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Here's your chance to find out what's going on in the tire industry, and interact with the Modern Tire Dealer staff at the same time!

Our redesigned Web site features not one but four blogs from which to choose. In addition to Editor Bob Ulrich's video blog, which has been a staple of for more than two years, he also has a written blog, B.O.B.

The first two blogs give you "An economistic view of the economy" and a "What-the-Heck-does-B.O.B.-Stand-For? Contest." Guess what B.O.B. stands for and you could win $50.

Bob's video blog also has been updated, and also can be found under B.O.B. Check out "Going green, but not at all costs," and comment accordingly.

Senior Editor Mike Manges and Managing Editor Lori Mavrigian also have their own blogs. The first two commentaries under Tire Talk with Mike deal with commercial topics: "Business is up down on the farm" and "How are you managing the truck tire glut?"

Lori blogs under Lori's Listening. Her firstĀ  topic, "Service is salvation -- for you and your community," lets you know not only her thoughts but also those of successful dealers.

We encourage you to let us know what you think about what we think, and as often as possible. And good luck with the B.O.B. contest!

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