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Web poll: guns in the workplace

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Gun control has been a hot topic on the national front this year. How hot does it get in your dealership?

Our latest Web poll asks the following question: "Do you allow your employees to bring guns into the workplace?"

That applies to open carry  as well as concealed carry. And if you don't have a policy on the matter, you should consider creating one.

The poll question is located on the right-hand side of the Modern Tire Dealer home page under "Web Poll: Sponsored by Bridgestone" (after you scroll down a little).

Here are the results from our last Web poll, which asked the question "How often do you want to know about your suppliers' financial results?" The answers are as follows.

Yearly: 23.5%

Never: 23.5%

Quarterly: 29%

Half-yearly: 12%

When they offer 30 days same as cash: 12%.

As you can see, nearly 50% of the respondents want know about the tire manufacturers' financial results no more than once a year.

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