Kenda Adds 'Four-Season' Touring Tire to Vezda Line

Nov. 5, 2022

American Kenda Rubber Co. Ltd. has expanded its Vezda passenger tire line with the addition of three products, including a "four-season" tire, the Vezda Touring 4S KR211, that will be available next summer in 45 sizes.

The Vezda Touring 4S KR211 "is a premium touring tire developed for drivers of coupes, family sedans, crossovers and minivans" who are looking for "comfort and confident, versatile performance in dry, wet and snowy conditions," according to Kenda officials.

The tire has earned 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification and boasts "a unique compound that's silica-based and soybean-infused," says Brandon Stotsenburg, vice president of Kenda's automotive division. 

It also features center rib sipes that "ensure tread element stiffness for predictable steering response;" large outside shoulder blocks for confident cornering; and more.

The Vezda UHP and Vezda UHP Max also are new. Both will be available for ordering by February 2023, says Stotsenburg.

The Vezda UHP offers "dextrous handling with exceptional wear for high performance cars and sedans," according to Kenda officials. 

The Vezda UHP Max provides enhanced wet and dry performance "with strong wear characteristics," as well as an upgraded belt package, a silica-based compound and more.

All three new Vezda tires were highlighted in Kenda's 2022 Specialty Equipment Market Association booth.