Tireco Previews Second U.S-Made Tire

Nov. 4, 2022

Tireco's product development "is in overdrive," says Andrew Hoit, executive vice president of the company's brand division. "We have several new patterns coming, including our second product in the Milestar brand that will be built in the U.S."

The new tire, the Patagonia A/T Pro, is on display inside Tireco's booth at this week's Specialty Equipment Market Association SHow and will be available during the third quarter of 2023. (Last year, Tireco rolled out the Milestar Weatherguard AS710 Sport, its first tire manufactured in the U.S.)

The Patagonia A/T Pro Is "a very targeted at tier-one and tier-two brands in the category. It has class-leading tread depth, a category-leading mileage warranty for LT and P-metric and has 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification. Our customer base is excited” about the new product, says Hoit.

He adds that domestic production of the Patagonia A/T Pro will be “a sales attribute when you go to market the product.”

“We’re doing exceptionally well with Patagonia, which is the family name of our Mlestar brand. We’ve carved out a nice niche for ourselves” in the light truck tire segment. “Our customers have really embraced it and we’ll continue to fill out the line.”

Tireco also is planning to launch its Milestar Interceptor AS 810 UHP all-season tire. 

The company “sees huge potential” in the UHP all-season category, notes Hoit.

“We have popular EV fitments in this line. Our Milestar brand today has 90% market coverage" in the U.S. "and that's only going to increase, especially with the UHP all-season."