Nokian Expands Hakkapeliitta Line with New Products

Jan. 26, 2022

The new Hakkapeliitta R5 and Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV tires from Nokian Tyres plc bring "a whole new level of safety to customers" and "will make winter driving more predictable than ever," says Steve Bourassa, Nokian's director of products.

The tires, which were unveiled on Jan. 26, will be available in more than 160 sizes - fitting wheels ranging from 14 inches to 22 inches in diameter - this coming fall.

Designed for passenger cars, the Hakkapeliitta R5 features Nokian's new, traction-enhancing Double Block Grip design, which consists of a stiff row of tread blocks that start from the tread center and then split in two moving out to the tire's shoulder area.

The Hakkapeliitta R5 also contains Nokian's unique Arctic Grip Crystals, which are microscopic crystals "mixed in the tread compound and work like built-in studs, creating sharp, tough grip edges inside the rubber," according to company officials. 

The tire features Nokian's fuel-efficient Green Trace technology, giving it 4.4% less rolling resistance than its predecessor. And its tread grooves are designed for water and slush evacuation, "ensuring stable and reliable grip.

"The new Hakkapeliitta R5 covers all northern winter conditions, offering predictable performance on bare, wet, icy and snowy roads."

The Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV "is tailored to meet the needs of powerful and large SUV models and crossovers" and is "equipped with the same safety features and modern technology" as its passenger car counterpart, say Nokian officials.

The Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV also features Nokian's Aramid Strong Sidewall technology, which is built into all of the tire manufacturer's SUV products and incorporates synthetic aramid fiber for optimal sidewall reinforcement and enhanced resistance to cuts and impact damage.

Nokian also has introduced the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV, a product that is specifically designed for electric vehicles.

When designing the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV,  Nokian's engineers "paid special attention to sound wave insulation. Even though noise levels are already low" on the Hakkapeliitta R5, the inclusion of Nokian's SilentDrive technology "pushes driving comfort to the max," according to Nokian officials.

"The exceptionally low sound levels are achieved by adding a layer of acoustic foam to the inner liner of the tire."